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Clean Your Internet Explorer 7 With a Batch File

We all probably have an idea how to clean up browsing history/cached files on internet explorer 7 (tools > internet options), but have you ever tried doing the whole process using a batch file.

A batch file are a list of commands written in a basic text file that are run when you activate that file. So you can write multiple commands in a text file (each on a new line) and when you activate that file (double click) every command will be done one by one.

By setting up a batch file for browsing cleaning you won't have to go through each stage in IE, you can just double click your batch file (.bat).

To get started you must open a txt file and call it whatever (ie-cleaning.bat), then you must write these commands down (each on a different line). I have written in brackets next to them what the command does as well (do not include these on your .bat file).

If you want to download the full .bat file just use the link at the bottom of this post.

Now to run all of these commands simply just double click the whatever.bat file and it should take a few moments to run.

Download the bat file here (Right click and select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As". Then just change the .txt to .bat to make it run)

Note: This tweak will run on both Windows XP and Windows Vista

Batch File IE7