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Vista Starter's Guide

If you have just installed Windows Vista, or purchased a new computer/laptop with Vista, here is a quick list of some tweaks you can do for some instant performance improvements. These will help speed up the system and get rid of some annoyances.

1) Turn off Aero

If you have a copy of Windows Vista and you need to run it faster then perhaps you should disable the Vista Aero desktop feature (Note: if your computer does not have the appropriate graphics cards then you will not even be running Aero). To check if your computer is running Aero and disable it then just do the following:

2) Turn off unwanted startup programs with msconfig

Click start -> then type "msconfig" into the search box. Click on the startup tab and uncheck all of the unnecessary programs. If you know what you are doing, you can also turn off unwanted services. This will help improve bootup time and overall performance.

3) Turn off UAC

User Account Control is considered by many to be a very annoying feature in Vista. If you are new to Vista, UAC is the annoying prompt that you get whenever you try to do something. There are a few ways to disable this, but we will do it via the control panel.

4) Switch to classic start menu

If you prefer the Windows XP style of listing programs in a pop-out tree menu, then do the following:

Change to the Vista classic start menu:

5) Get the correct drivers

With Vista, you may not have the correct drivers for your all of your peripherals and software. By running an automated driver program, you can instantly update and fix any Vista driver problems or incompatibilities. Try this free download to see if your system needs driver updates: Driver Genius Download

6) Download the latest Windows Updates

It is always important to download all of the critical Windows updates. These will address security issues, bugs and other problems in Vista. You can run the updates from your PC, or by visiting Windows Update.

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