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Stellar iPod Recovery Reviewed

Rating: 8/10

Stellar iPod Data Recovery
Stellar iPod Recovery is award winning software that can instantly recover lost or damaged data from your iPod. The software takes only minutes to get up and running and it is compatible with all generations of iPod classic, iPod Mini, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano and iPod Touch. If you have ever used an iPod, you have probably lost data at one time or another. It can be quite easy to lose important songs, music or videos. But now you don't need to stress about iPod data problems anymore.

We always recommend that you keep backups of all your iPod music, photos and videos, but in some cases this may not be possible. This is where a product like Stellar iPod Recovery can save many headaches and many hours of recovery time. In fact many users with iPods have reportedly lost photos that are priceless. It can be almost impossible to replace photos of vacations or family and friends. If you have an iPod and your data goes missing or becomes damaged/corrupt, then this is your best chance to recover the data in minutes. This product is highly recommended for any iPod user. But again, the safest policy is to keep backups of your important data.


Free Download - Stellar iPod Recovery

The free download is a trial download that you can install and run on your computer. The trial will show you data that can be recovered.

  • Recovers music files, video files, pod casts, audio books, graphic files and documents.
  • Quick recovery of deleted files - in perfect condition.
  • Restores the playlist in the same order as before recovery.
  • Compatible with all generations of iPod classic, iPod Mini, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano and iPod Touch.
  • Universal Binary Application.
  • Installs in minutes
  • No technical knowledge required

System Requirements:
  • Windows:
    Pentium Class (P4 and above).
    Windows 2K, XP and Vista.
    256 MB RAM.
    20 MB free space

  • Macintosh:
    PowerPC (G4 & above), Intel
    Mac OS X 10.4 and above
    256 MB RAM or more
    20 MB free space.
  • Email support
The Verdict:

These days we all have valuable data on our iPods - whether it be photos, music or videos. Too often we take it for granted that nothing will ever happen to this data, but when things go wrong it can be an absolute disaster. We had one customer lose hundreds of photos from an overseas trip to Europe. You cannot put a price on losing something like that.

This product has the ability to recover lost or damaged data from your iPod and it does a pretty good job. The software is very easy to install, there is no need for any technical knowledge and pretty much anyone can use it. The program won't always recover everything in all situations, but its pretty handy to have in case of emergency. For users that don't backup their data, this program can prove to be very valuable.

We highly recommend Stellar iPod Recovery. Don't risk your iPod data!! You can try the free download below to get an idea of how the program works.

Try Stellar iPod Recovery Now - Free download